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The house was quiet, they were alone, a rare moment of total freedom, no need gigavids to discuss what was said to be guarded, or to stifle the cries of pleasure to listen to anyone, no one to awaken. plump woman, the classic pear shape, with a great ass and strong thighs, pressing against gigavids him as they kissed, his hands crossed on her buttocks, pulled hard on her lap, she held the kiss for a long time, your tongue against being bitten, as he thrust hard and deep into her open mouth. She put her hands on his chest and back to pick up the tips of her manicured nails on your skin sensually French to gigavids her crotch, where a single nail painted the outline of his penis is characterized by swelling of the thick tissue of his jeans . A moan escaped her lips, and broke the kiss to her to go away, so it is up the top and lifted it over his head and arms support for the obedient. He paused in the curve of her large breasts already have sAre prominent nipples on the blue silk and lace of her bra, then leaned forward and with some careful thought into the fabric covering her right breast, his collection of nipples and teeth biting gave a soft moan and met with head in her lap. He paused for a moment, gently applied pressure variation until it almost hurt then break to hold on to the other breast in a similar direction. I knew that I could almost take this way to orgasm, she asked as she put one hand behind his broad back, the hooks from the eyes of the head and let the gigavids breasts from the confines of the garment when he played with them only a little more if it really was coming. bra tossed carelessly aside, where all the attention now landed on the balls of soft, pale flesh of dark brown nipples, which hardened nipples jutted aggressively. His mouth sought, first one then the other, licking and gigavids teasing now, now, biting and chewing forces involunteer women panting joy as she pulled her head against his chest. His hand to his crotch and pushed through the material, easily bent practiced and pulled the tail of his belt to release the lock and pushed the metal press, he moved his hand and pushed it in his own even in jeans and shorts, and closed his fingers around his swollen cock, pulled it out and moved to crush, as the teeth and the tongue is applied to the beads were fleshy nipples. ' Mmmmhhh, which is leaking, ' he whispered, ' let me taste. ' squeezed in the bed so that she lay on her back, and quickly pulled his gigavids pants and underwear, which had in the ground in the eyes of gigavids his cock as she gently bounced off the pace of your pulse. He then moved to kneel over her head and fingers get thick brown hair buried her, placed his swollen, cut an enthusiastic member of the open mouthd pushed deep enough to gag, but she mastered the reflex zones and began to fuck her mouth, gently at first, but mounted more urgent than joy. Pressed stronger pull on the hair as she moaned in appreciation and closed his eyes and dropped his head back rocks, as she pleased with her mouth. gigavids was able to walk, but not too long, did not intend to come, so they moved away and then bent to kiss her mouth, that shit was hot and feverish from his mouth had been so impatient and other once he held the kiss for a long time and pushed gigavids his tongue deep into his mouth, but this time it slipped his hand into the waist of the long denim skirt and slid it between her chubby legs of the moisture that knew he was looking for. She was clean shaven, with only a small scratch of stubble on the fact that the hair grew naturally, and his hand touched the skin soft, gigavids smooth, betrayed find the root of her swollen clitoris and the OSMfill her pussy lips stretched. The noise he made when he extended his middle finger slipped inside her was one of satisfaction, but the finger remained long enough to collect sufficient lubrication and then moves to push back hard against her sensitive button. Now broke the kiss, down to suck her breasts, bite, lick and tease the sensitive nipples, while her fingers moved in circles around her clitoris lazy, change direction and shape of loops in the eighth, then slide up underneath and adjacent to the sensitive knot, first one side then the other, constantly changing direction and pressure, hearing her breath, felt the tension in your body and responds to the urgent request of his hips . It was only the first of many, and gigavids he will mock them and make them wait, took her to the edge more than gigavids once during the night, but not this time, not the first. That little harder on the nipple, which causes the air to grab and pull the bow backher crotch against his hand tightly, her two middle fingers are now used on each side of the clitoris, as it is a little more pressure and increased the gigavids rate of stimulation, sucked hard on her nipples and she moaned aloud, lifted the mattress down and then brought him back a little harder, and she began to tremble, the fingers move faster now, fast circles, replenish moisture immersion in her pussy wet lubrication points again gigavids and again to her clit, her breath was coming in short pants and tremor had increased significantly, until his body was shaking. He pressed the pillow of his middle finger hard against her clit, her hand moved rapidly back and forth, like a finger pushed over gigavids the edge, he heard her soft moans become a long mournful sound grew louder and became a cry, gasp of release, followed by moving your hand, but kept the tips of the two middle fingers hard against her clitoris, increased presencethat, as her hips began to make money, and mourn heard a second time, this time from the circular motion again, pressing less firm, but his fingers were moving faster and faster as she clung to he was sorry again, but only for a moment, for the third time its highest point let them out this cry of pleasure, felt her trembling, meat idiots belly fat, applied, which has put pressure on was sensitive clitoris and nipples do not suck, but kneels beside her and saw her body shook and twisted as he encouraged them, knowing I could do that again, he heard gasps of judging when to exert pressure and bring another thrilling climax. She sobbed, his face soaked in blood, take a breath in the throat and she was coming back, a cry torn irregular gasps of her while she writhed and gigavids clenched fists, sweaty hair stuck to her face. 'Please, too, please sup! ' The sentence was still panting when pressed hard against his hand, his legs go so far as possible through open fingers outstretched to your search: ' There is too much! '' One more, one knows that can handle more than you think. 'He kept stroking pushed the index and middle finger in her soaking pussy, fingertips pressed against her hard clit and began a rapid circular motion, gigavids and she was coming back, the highlight of the cry of pain from her again, but this time is weak, almost a sob, wet fingers gigavids and pulled out of its hole and quickly rubbed it on her clit abused, his hand gigavids a blur so it began as the overwhelming gigavids sense of its return last orgasm, others roles behind an overwhelming force, he had felt much to resist, and she was crying and shaking, until the beat, and with a bent back one last time allowed, the primal scream of gigavids joy. ' you have said, however, a. 'His tone was accusatobed, but I knew I wanted to say no. ' gigavids So I did not like it? I can quit if you want? ' Do not even think, is lush ! ' his fingers in his hair and confused, pulled her onto his lap and enjoyed the zeal with which his effort was cock deep in her mouth, she released her grip on her hair and moaned around his cock, a hand which could contain between his legs gigavids as with his finger where it had stopped. 'Ready for more ? 'He did not wait for an answer, pulled his cock from her mouth, got out of bed and took a grip on the hem of her lap, she lifted her submissive bottom of the bed so he could pull his legs, the legs so that should be eliminated. kneeling between her legs, knees apart left and then back up to your calves resting on her thighs chubby pussy spread his attention, he planted a kiss on the shame in the flesh of a soft inner thigh and one on the other, then itsThe language of a line from your navel to the pubic bone to the clitoris, where he was angry for a moment and study the outbreak of the folds of her sex to stay. Fast, but from top to bottom, moving petals lick vagina, and then his face on it so he could push his tongue in their abundance of juice flavor, purring like a cat, a tone of satisfaction and interest, la with a sigh of pleasure become smaller when the tongue slipped and stirred during the tense muscles of his anus. She gave a moan of pleasure and shifted and moved further back on his knees gigavids to be a freer access to her tight ass hole has. He held wide apart on the cheek with his thumb and pressed her tongue hard gigavids against the muscle, I knew slightly soapy. Then, sliding his tongue until wet slit of her vagina, took him back to her clit and circled slowly, savoring the taste, the aroma of her arousal before gently suck her clitoris in hmouth is. She opened her mouth as her clitoris firmly between his lips by the suction of his mouth was quickly put out the tongue on sensitive skin, and felt the onset of a tremor in his right leg. He used his tongue in circles now, first one way then the other, sometimes gently, gigavids sometimes hard, but all the gigavids while sucking the clitoris between his lips tight, so it was swollen and completely removed from the protection its semi - small chapel. Now he was pushing against it, lifted the bottom of the hole in the mattress, juicy ripe push her ​​face, she sucked harder, pulling both clitoral hood and in the mouth because it gigavids has the language in order to increase the suction, the tremor leg became stronger when you use your tongue to press her clitoris against the background of your teeth and rolled from side to side, her moans changed subtly, to become the usual lament rises to a crescendo and then stopped and face up to take their first BREATH. ' OK honey? ' ' Bastard! ' 'Who, me? ' ' Yes, we do not stop motherfucker! ' N ' Would you do this ? ' quickly gigavids moving his tongue on her clitoris and sex sweet secretion of the gigavids anus, where rigid tongue pushed into the pit sensitive' Or this? '' Yes, both to do what come to me? '' Mmmmhhhh you very sweet. 'he murmured, before returning to the application of the tongue on her clitoris swelled and spinning around in circles at random and the figure-eight pattern, until the shaking in her leg and urgency of shallow breathing told her climax approached, he pursed his lips around her clit in the response and sucked it into her mouth, sucking this time pulling her clitoris, which is the hood and upper lip his mouth, but now has his tongue against the palate used to create suction, pressing to suck sensitive to the delicate meat inside and outside of his lips pursed, her hips pushing up picked bottom the bed again and pressed hard sex in the face, while the quake was on the knees so pronounced that the meat of the thighs and stomach in sympathy tremors, got his voice almost a shout this time, the increase in its height to steal it, released the suction and lift your head to breathe. ' No, do not stop, please! ' , but this time it did, lowered her mouth and sucked the pussy, the tip of her clitoris in your mouth again, tongue caught between cured and back of teeth, quickly threw it back and forth does not stop when she came, but the increased speed of the suction action and tongue as she came again and again, it is now escaped her mouth for a moment, while he took the most breathtaking before the thumb and finger of ways of enhancing their sex open, revealing her swollen clit once more merciless tongue. This time he used the breadth of the language, by comparingt sensitive button and move it gigavids rapidly up and down, then side to side, then up and down again, before they suddenly suck in her mouth and begins a rapid flickering of its tongue, which one climax fights and gigavids again fought them. gigavids ' Do not stop, no, please stop, too !' Have you tried with all his strength to strength in the bed, his legs, like an enormous feast of sex, pin had their hands in head, trying to force her away, but the orgasms stole his force was against him to fight now, gigavids but her clitoris was his betrayal, feelings were again building and she screamed and struck another body, shelf height, somehow found the strength to force the gigavids knees together, trapping his head and pressed hard, no longer able to speak, could not ask him to stop, but he did anyway. Pulling the head between the thighs of the bracket to sit on their hind legs, he saw her trembling body shudder and writheand press firmly with his fists clenched and eyes closed slowly rose to the top of her orgasm. Now crouched behind her, spoon half of his erect penis against her ass cheeks wide press, she trembled and shuddered as his hand stroked up and out of the thigh, the final hand edge over your stomach a cup breast, move gigavids your index finger to rub the nipple still swollen. ' No, please, too sensitive. ' Obedience moved with his hand on his thigh glides slides slightly toward the inside of her sex, her legs together as hard subject for an answer, and he smiled, knowing I was going to be your happy and know that he had only to wait patiently for a few minutes and he would be able to start again. 'Kiss me'. Submit an application or a request ? I was not sure himself, but either way he moved his body toward him and he kissed her hard and deep, leaning on his left elbow that came to her breasts and this time only whispered breath, when approaching and squareueezed her nipples, he slid his hand held the kiss on the pale, plump flesh of her belly, looking for the warm wetness of her sex, her legs collapsed, and began to tease and stimulate her clitoris again, before taken by mouth, taking his time, sucking, licking and gently held between the teeth, who was working on bringing it slowly and smoothly to another climax, this time took his breath before approaching the summit, work in consistent with a contented sigh and mourn a little, came to an orgasm, at which time he moved between her thighs and pressed the tip of his penis against the opening of her vagina, she withdrew her legs and rubbed his head against the opening of the wet, cover with a mixture of saliva and juices, until the rocking motion of her hips, there was a lining. He bent to kiss her, she responded enthusiastically, kissing his face, licking her tongue as nimble as a cat in the juices that covered her lIPS and chin. She put her arms around his neck and pulled him toward her, his lips to the ear he whispered. 'Fuck me. ' He said, increasing the speed and depth of gigavids the impact of his and the growls of their assessment since changed his body so that the base of his penis pressed firmly against her clitoris gigavids with each keystroke, and this time not mourn, but the peak of the signals with a grunt of satisfaction. ' I turn around. ' ' Why? ' ' Do you know why I like that. ' ' I like this way,' He kissed her again. 'I can kiss you this way,' was changed to a position where he was on his knees again, his penis still inside her and with little use thumbs tease her clitoris, ' and I get to do that. ' ' Mmmhhhh, which is fine, but you can do it from behind,' he smiled, ' and you can gigavids always use the rabbits? ' ' good point. ' He moved quickly and retired to his room to give room to maneuver and see how the knee down, ass up, head resting in her wombed arms. Do not enter it even though it took a moment to enjoy the view of large dimples down and then turned his cheeks apart and slid his tongue teasing her ass, licking, probing, while pushed her back on the face and noises of appreciation. ' This is good, but I want to fuck me. ' Remove the person behind him the head of his cock into his hole wet and pushed in, slide depth, then from the hip to the rock again, with hands extended his buttocks. He saw his penis in and out of it for a moment, then grabbed the bottle of baby oil and a small stream running in the groove between the buttocks, which dripped down between the brown layer forgiven her tight anus beyond lubricate the base of your penis gently push began a lubrication gigavids hole near the left thumb to the hair, gently press against the muscle, until he felt relaxed there, then the length of the inside to push the ball of musclesPulgar was pushed hard against the opening. He felt his muscles contract and keep it tight and took the pace of his thrust, cursed her when she grunted in approval. Now he put his right hand between her legs and used his middle finger to tease her clit, grunts and moans turned to her pressed again tried to have more, panting, while both the speed and pressure of the gigavids tip of middle finger reads it, does come dangerously close to gigavids the stop, then, so gasped in frustration, before it's over and protest gasps became moans renewed lust, this time stopped, without But it does not, and soon returned to its peak and hit his ass up against him gigavids when trying to extract every last drop of joy. had to rest for a moment, then began again teasing, greasy fingers against her clitoris, amazed by his ability to reach the speed with which each new climax came to them and how through careful application of the fingers, tongue or tail, which could be a chain -induced orgasms in a series of four, five, six, to be panting and quivering, sometimes unable to speak. I had to know almost jealous of his seemingly endless capacity for pleasure, but also proud of his ability to do so, what was needed for the waves of ecstasy to induce tormented his body trembling. She was near and no torture this time, because they come to it quickly, and how they did, he shouted his joy, he felt the muscles in your anus close to the thumb claw was, and then relax and he had the authority for no slip. Already, another highlight was the building and when he had reached the summit, his cock slipped from her pussy and pressed the swollen head against her sphincter, and waited for the time of release, that his muscles tensed again and gigavids then relaxed its drive - in all its length in the nearest hole. It was time, he grabbed her as a petd pushed the founding of the clitoral stimulator sums before under and between the legs, pressing against it. He did not move your hips, your well was deep inside her, while the vibrator against her clit purred, gasped, pushing back and tried to force, violated his cock deep into her ass. He was again high point, then you have the vibrator for his sculptures changed acorn press against her pussy, pushed it home, he was in foil, so it is the unusual strength of the fill was the axis parallel to their own, and then pushed the control and felt the vibration wave, before applying pressure on the clitoral stimulator against your goal. She took a deep breath and pushed against him animals and forced his cock deep in her foundation. ' Fuck me,' his voice was a croak drowned, ' fuck my ass! ' He did not hesitate to slide his cock in and out of his hole faster and deeper in the responsea their demands, until he lost his balance in the rabbit and pussy spasms shot through the back to lie on the blanket forgotten. She was pushing back harder than ever to contribute to his cock deep into her anus. ' Fuck me, fuck my ass hard, fuck me, I'll bring her in my ass ! ' If I reached back between her legs so that your fingers rub the experts group of nerves that gigavids supply, put another peak and did not need the encouragement, his face remains wide, banned oil pump shaft deep inside her to see, I was so close, almost no, my knees were shaking and he went out of control, ramming his cock inside it, again gasping feeling up to its length, as gigavids he shuddered and his height, splashing his coming, as they wanted, the bottom of her ass. always come yet, rubbing her clit frantically, as he held his cock still hard gigavids at it, enjoying the aftermath of his climax, cramping and lightcattle bursts of joy, almost like mini -orgasms with her ​​until she breathed a sigh of satisfaction fell on the bed and his now flaccid penis out of his hole appeared to be sticky against your thigh. ' Are you okay ?' I was shaking, knees weak, unable to move, he heard the tremor in his voice. ' Mmmmhhhhhh, I'm fine. ' Muttered in response, stretching sensuously. It was only then that he joined the music permeates the walls of the house next door was. ' Does the thought Oh my God, I think you, that belongs to us ' I should not try, 'he laughed,' Do you believe in the ' smiled and rolled onto his back, to open the drop legs, fingers were lost in their stations remain open pussy. ' is actually a little back, if I'm honest. Why do not you kiss me ? ' He tested his legs and found that normal control of the back, but both were weak and unreliable, as it seemed to make moves. gigavids ' No, silly, not here, ' smiled lazily and GESture against his crotch, 'Kiss me, down there! ' THE FINAL
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